October 14, 2009

Definitely NO for PIL ASI...!!!

The worst ever total milk collected  is today n yesterday. Yesterday, i just barely can pump out 2 0z each session. then, today, 2 0z, 3 0z.... this really gets me worry.. even during ramadhan, (i complained back then...) i can pump out around 3 oz, or 4 each session..

So, today, my darling hubby has to ferry my freshly expresses milk to bs.. Poor Syabil.
Y? I would like to think that it is because of me consuming 'PIL ASI' as it rumoured to help stimulating and producing more milk for mothers.. i beg to differ!! i really think they put sometin' in that pilss and jamu since i never experience this kind of really low supply.... so, beware!! Consume the jamu 'PIL ASI' only and if only u have tried every other possible means...

Right now, i already stopped consuming the pills, and back to milk, longan&dates tea, milkmaid tea.. and of course, the ever realiable, oats...!! i once remembered that i really detest anything that have oats on it.. now, not anymore!! hubby even said, "last time i recommended eating oats (to be slimmer...) u tanakk... nak kene orang lain bagitau eh??" my ever darhling hubby is, as ever, very conscious on what he eats...

and, now, as my hair starts receding (going..going 2 b bald...), he suggests to eat the grapes and chew the seeds as well.. around 4-5 grapes will do.. so

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