June 10, 2010

One-Year Mark..... and counting.

Alhamdulillah... dah masuk setahun dua minggu ku di alam motherhood ini.... :)
The first year that passes by i'll cherish n it will be remembered, of course!
dengan detik2 Syabil setahun, kupenuhi dengan mengingati saat2, feelings n pains as well on giving birth..
Y? not sure.. i guess i really do not have the courage before to really look thru n going thru the birth part.
pastu, teringat laks all the hurdles that i passed, if not with flying colours, at breastfeeding. still am. though partially.
Bila masuk the second year challenges ahead. they said its the terrible twos... i actually anticipate this one when my son started to throw fits and tantrums. how? he will arch his back n starts wailing...
how to discipline our child in order for them to behave and at the same time our effort shouldn't be the one that stunted his growth??

i'm going to charge into my second year head on..... n try to make keepsakes n beautiful memories with my son as much as i can.... ;D

May 19, 2010

Syabil's Development Part 1

Hmm... this post is meant to be posted ages ago...... i'm not sure whether to carry on blogging.. days passes by n i actually n practically running in between chores. sometimes i hardly open up my eyes by 9pm... so, there goes my updates.... in the drain. heh. 

Sepatutnye entry ni dah dimasukkan memula dulu... tp, gambar belum diuploadkan ke hard disk... so, this tiem ade chance sket la nak mengupload. heh.

The first day nyer gambo gune hp.. first pic Syabil ngan Uwan die.. tu pun after uwan dia cakap nak bgambo... mama tak larat lagi mase tu... br dlm 6 jam lepas long delivery... admitted 2 ward pun dah kul 4.30 - 5.00 am..

Heh, gambo first lain kali la upload yer.. tatau cemane ndak transfer dr hp.. ho ku biase jerr... takde tools (sbnornye taktau..hahhahhah) nanti la bila Papa balik, soh Papa upload dr hp....

The second day

Syabil hari ke 2
(29.05.09 Jumaat)

Syabil hari ke-3
(30.05.09 Sabtu)

Syabil hari ke-4
(31.05.09 Ahad)
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