September 18, 2009


I'm quite amazed by all those moms out there who can do all, being a great, a super moms. really, i'm inspired by reading their blogs... how they managed their time n doing all those things.. mind u, i'm still trying and struggle at that on becoming a super mom myself...

Having to do all of the work at work, then goes home and doing all the housework... sometimes all we want is just an appreciation from our better half. Of course, praises works. sometimes, occasional gifts and surprises actually do wonders to us. for me, women is not that hard to please. the occasional (or permanent) helping hands around the house is mostly appreciated. it is just that men provide the food n stuff for a house doesn't mean that they are done. their work are done. some men, sadly are the typical ones, where they are the 'King' of the house. merely instruct whatever they want, do not lift even a finger to do the washing, let alone sharing housechores.

and no, it's not my hubby. he's considerate and helpful at times although he do expects some kind of work that is me alone to do it. (well, come to think of it, no.... he can share housechores. READ: CAN) I'm talking about the King of my mom's house. yessss... he's the TYPICAL MALAY MEN where he expects my mom, being the super mom she is, to do everything. it is not fair from his behalf since he practically do nothing to contribute around the house.

hmm...... off with my rantings. my son calls for me. ie: crying like mad. heh. (Still figuring on how to be the super mom like my super mom)

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  1. I wonder if i'd expericed the same thing in the process to prepare my self to be the supermom.. It is a big title for the the most or... almost perfect mom in the world.. mom who delevered, takes care of the offsprings, at the same time working... doing house chores and ...a problem solver to anything happens at home.. Men normally doesn't like problem especially when it comes to children...


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